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 Enlistment Guidelines (Read First)

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PostSubject: Enlistment Guidelines (Read First)   Sat Oct 04, 2008 5:05 pm

Consortium: A Multi Game Community.

Before beginning the application, we ask that all prospective recruits read the following posts:

Who We Are
Code of Conduct
Fields of Expertise

Once completed, feel free to continue.

*Treat this application seriously if you wish to be taken seriously*

Applicant Regulations:

As with all clans and online communities, we strive to maintain a constant level of quality amongst our members. We do not accept all applications.

-We ask that applicants be at least 18 years of age (We have made exceptions).

-Applicants must enjoy PvP aspects of games.

-Voice Comm. Servers are necessary for team coordination; you must have a functional Gamevox client in order to be accepted.

-We do not want idle members; you must be registered and active in our forums, voice servers, and in-game. We do not expect our members to sacrifice their lives for a game, but we ask that you inform us of extended absence and have the ability to be online a few hours a week.

-You must posses the ability to listen and follow directions and adapt. In groups, we follow orders and directions, and you must be able to think for yourself when given general objectives.

-Upon the requisite completion of the following guidelines, all prospective recruits will undergo a multi-week evaluation period with other members in our clan to test your characteristics. Our officers will evaluate all incoming members and will agree on the course of action once your trial membership has expired. If you are rejected, applicants must wait a full month until able to reapply if still desired.

*If all terms are accepted, please fill out the following questionnaire and submit it to the appropriate forum topic*


For the proper completion of these questions, copy and paste these questions to your reply and write your answers underneath them.

0. Game Applying For:

1. Character Name:

2. How did you find us?:

3. Have you been in any clans/guilds before?:

3.5. If so, How many and why did you leave?:

4. How old are you?:

5. What state/country are you currently in?(time zone reasons):

6. Why do you want to join?:

7. Why should we accept you?:

8. Can you take a joke?:

9. Can you follow orders or assigned tasked if asked to do so?:

10. Can you describe your current character progression?:

11. Do you have an interest in crafting?:

12. What is your own definition of what a "Guild" is?:

Thank you for your interest in Consortium! An officer will PM you in our forums or contact you in game with more information once your application has been processed. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.
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Enlistment Guidelines (Read First)
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