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 Legacy - Fields of Expertise

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PostSubject: Legacy - Fields of Expertise   Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:53 pm



Officer: tba

Legacy core combat force. This is where all members will begin in Legacy and where most will stay. Academy members' job is to maintain the skills necessary for war and to assist engineering with resource gathering and transport needs.

Officer Duties: Conduct PvP training for members to better their knowledge of tactical warfare. Takes responsibility in teaching recruits mental prowess in combat and situational awareness in tactical engagements.


Officer: tba

INSCOM members are Legacy's "Special Forces". Their job in combat is reconnaissance and surgical strikes. They primarily operate outside of the Academy's agenda, but will still be expected to follow the core chain of command when necessary. While off the field, they handle relations with other groups and evaluate options for necessary actions.

Officer Duties: Conduct intelligence, security, and information operations for military commanders. Acts as guild Liaison for relations to other organizations.

NOTE: INSCOM is a selective group. The idea behind them is a very small yet very effective and elite group. In order to join, members will be required to submit an application to join as well as provide data for their in game accomplishments. Once an application is approved, recruits will go through a period of review by officers that monitor various qualities from combat and leadership to awareness and decision making skills. If members fail any portion of the application process, they will be required to wait 30 days if they wish to reapply.


Officer: 1stLt. Aeternum

Creates and maintains all weapons and tools necessary to Legacy. Maintains all inventory and sends reports to the Academy for needs and sees to it that gear is returned when no longer necessary. Also responsible for setting market values in selling to friendly groups or allies.

Members of MEDCOM are Legacy's crafters. They are to supply the soldiers with their needs on the battlefield. They may also sell new and recycled goods at their officer's discretion.

*FOEs are subject to change as more information on Eathrise is released.

**Fields of Expertise are a guide to determine each player's primary function in the guild. Members are permitted to build a character as they see fit as long as what they are listed under is their main focus.
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Legacy - Fields of Expertise
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