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 Legacy - Ranks

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PostSubject: Legacy - Ranks   Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:12 pm


Rank given to members whose applications have been approved and are placed on probation status. Their role is similar to that of the Corporal.


Rank given to members that have been accepted into full guild membership after probation period has ended. Specialists are expected to follow orders on the field and complete general objectives.


Rank awarded to individuals that demonstrate leadership and overall understanding on the battlefield. Sergeants are expected to operate with their units to fully understand and deploy their squad at their fullest potential.


Rank awarded to individuals that have demonstrated superior leadership in both guild relations and management of units under their command as well as overall success rate. 1st Lieutenants are expected to monitor each unit to ensure cohesion between them. They are also expected to keep reports on each unit's success rate, strengths and weaknesses and submit them for review. Along with these duties, a they may be assigned as a Field of Expertise officer that they will be required to lead or assist in operation as well.


Rank of the guild leader. Is expected to monitor all field exercises and executing operations. The Captain will review reports filed by 1st Lieutenants, organizes meetings and is in charge of distributing all promotions. Is responsible to issue orders and see to it that overall performance of the entire detachment is on par.
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Legacy - Ranks
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