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 Legacy - Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Legacy - Code of Conduct   Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:57 pm


- Respect the decisions made by leadership and those assigned to specific roles. These individuals will do their best to be unbiased to disputes and decisions while upholding the original concept of Legacy. If you have a problem, please follow the Chain of Command and keep disputes private. Public questions are fine, but publicly calling out cell members or leadership for any reason is unacceptable.

- While taking part in the forums, teamspeak server, and in game, you must respect the rights of all Legacy's members. You may not harass, defraud, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other members.

- Respect all others at all times, whether or not you think they deserve it. Remember that we come from all aspects of life and may not share the same ideologies or opinions. Keep your arguments civil, and never personally attack anyone. You are a reflection of Legacy wherever you go. Do not get into flame wars on any forum or non constructive discussion or arguments in game. Repeated derogatory statements or abusive treatment of others, in the guild or outside, will not be tolerated. Please report offensive material to 1st Lieutenants or the Captain so that it can be settled. For in game situations provide screenshots if necessary. Take the high road and don't fall to someone's level. You are to represent the professional manner that Legacy would like to uphold.

- You may not use sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, slanderous, unnecessarily obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language and comments. This also includes discussions about politics and religion. We are a gaming group, keep the chatter on par with our purpose.

Summary on key notes:

- The Chain of Command should be followed at all times.

- Keep your cool. Take what happens to you in stride, don’t get excited and throw a tantrum because things didn’t go your way. Laugh off your bad experiences and learn from your mistakes. Be open to the ideas of others. Play the game how you like within the rules but make sure you enjoy the ride.

- If someone makes a mistake, encourage them to do better and/or offer friendly advice and leadership. Never tear someone apart for making a mistake, no matter how foolish it was. If someone purposely causes a group wipe or something similar, bring it to the attention of cell leadership so that it may be dealt with.

- In-Guild disputes will not leak over from the guild into public forums, in-game or voice chat. If you have a problem with someone, take it to the source first. If that doesn’t work, follow the Chain of Command so that it may be dealt with and resolved.

- Don't think about yourself. Consider the repercussions of your actions. Always keep professionalism top priority.

Any violation of the Code of Conduct will result in a warning with possible penalties that may lead to expulsion from the guild.
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Legacy - Code of Conduct
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